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Meet Our New Clinic Cat : SUPER TROOPER !

In July of 2006, a tiny orange tabby kitten weighing only 1 lb 2 oz was presented to our clinic. This amazing little guy was surprisingly bright despite having severe eye disease. Both of his eyes were damaged from an aggressive infection. Our veterinarians tried in vain to save his eyes and sight, but after 5 days of an intensive medication schedule, it was clear there was no hope in saving them.

The cat shelter "Thomas The Silver Tabby" rescued him from a barn and agreed to let us adopt him and perform bilateral eye enucleation on him. All of us felt a bond with this gentle kitten and have been in awe of how well he had adapted to life without sight. We are thrilled to have a new clinic cat as we all felt an empty place since Dave left us. We invite you to visit Trooper the next time you come in.